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BC Salon would like to THANK YOU for all the kind words and support you've given us during this time out of the salon. Please know that we completely understand that everyone is eager to get their hair back to normal, just as we are eager to get back behind the chair. This has been a trying time for all of us and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Remember, we need you just as much as you need us. We will try our very best to make this current situation as smooth as possible. Thank you again for you patience and understanding.

At this time, NJ has not set an opening date for salons or the regulations that will be required to open. The current situation makes it difficult for us to secure a future appointment for our guests. To best serve you at this time, we have listed the answers to some FAQ'S we have been receiving. 


Appointment FAQ'S 

My appointment was cancelled because of Covid-19. Will I be rebooked? 

Yes, you will. Every guest that has been cancelled has been put on a master list to be called in order of their cancellation dates. 

Can I be first on your rebooking list? 

To be fair to all guests we made a list of who was cancelled first. For example, if you were cancelled in March you will be in line first and so on. 

How can you accommodate three months of clients at once? 

Our BC Staff has committed to working an extra shift per week. In addition, some of our staff will be available on Sunday and Monday at premium pricing. 

I'm a high risk person. Will there be special accommodations for me? 

Yes, we have designated an hour before BC will open for significantly compromised guests. Please let us know upon re-booking your appointment. 

Will BC Salon be taking new guests upon reopening? 

Yes, we welcome all new guests to BC with open arms. All appointments will have to be scheduled, no walk-ins are allowed until further notice. 

What will my visit look like upon re-opening of BC Salon? 

This is such a great question. It will look completely different than your past visits, keep in mind we are assuring the safety of you and our BC Staff during these times. Please take a look at our Salon Precautions & Client Requirements to get an idea of what your future visit will be. Your health & safety of our staff will be our top priority during your experience at BC Salon. 


BC Salon Precautions

These our BC Salon's precautions in place. NJ has not implemented a standard at this time. We will update this once we have required safety measurements in place. Please check back for updates. 

  • All employees have passed The Barbacide Certification test to insure proper sanitation. 

  • Each employee will have a health screening before coming to work each day. 

  • Should a technician or a person they reside with feel ill, they will be asked to not come in.

  • All employees will be wearing masks at all times. 

  • All clients will be kept 6 ft away from another client during your visit.

  • All amenities are suspended at this time, this includes drinks, magazines & phone chargers. 

  • In addition to our Barbacide jars we will have containers to sterilize all equipment

  • Clippers, trimmers, & blowdryers will be sprayed with a medical grade disinfectant.

  • Seating will be wiped down with medical grade disinfectant after each client.

  • Waiting area will be removed. 

  • Each technician will be assigned a tray & cart to minimize interaction with each other.

  • Our staff break room has been eliminated. They are encouraged to eat outside. 

  • Our staff will be working in shifts to limit the amount of people in the salon.

  • The salon will be deep cleaned 2 x's a day. 


Client Requirements

These our BC Salon's client requirements in place. NJ has not implemented a standard at this time. We will update this once we have required safety measurements in place. Please check back for updates. 

  • All guests will be asked to fill out an electronic health questionnaire before your visit.

  • If required, guests will have contactless temperature screening before each visit.

  • Upon arrival please use the sanitizer that will be provided for you, even with gloves on.

  • Guests will check themselves at the kiosk stand then follow the directions on where to wait.

  • All guests must wear face masks, if possible bring surgical tape for the sides of the mask.

  • No children, family, or friends can accompany you during your appointment. 

  • Each guest will receive a sealed bag with laundered items you will need for your visit. 

  • Limit your personal belongings, they need to stay with you. Our coat room is closed. 

  • Please wear dark clothing that can touch cleaning products and won't ruin. 

  • Bring your own beverages, reading material & phone chargers.

  • Please keep talking to a minimum while being shampooed.

  • Blow drying may be prohibited for a short time. If not, please refrain from conversation. 

  • You are welcome to BYOB, bring your own brush, LOL! Or you can purchase a new one.

  • We encourage you to purchase the products that will be used during your appointment and bring them to your future appointments. 

  • Payments: Payments may be taken upon arrival or during processing time.

  • Gratuities: Are always appreciated, however they should be given directly to your technician at this time. 

  • These procedures will insure the least amount of contact for our staff and guests. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy as we navigate through uncharted territory.